A man is sitting on his couch and having a bad experience with a website on his laptop. A bad web experience disrupts audience engagement.

Find out the biggest pet peeves your audience has when it comes to online ads.

There is no doubt that advertising is a difficult field. It’s a matter of wrapping your head around your audience’s interest and what motivates them to buy your stuff. You also have to take into account the fact that your audience may not be receptive to your ads.

How do you get around this dilemma and do your job effectively? Well, it requires a little research and intuition. The digital space is overflowing with content and advertisements. People are constantly trying to sell digital customers products and services. While you are trying to grab your audience’s attention, make sure that you do not aggravate them at the same time.

What Your Audience Hates About Advertisements

AdBlock seems to be an advertiser worst enemy. But in order to get around this frustrating software, you have to understand why your consumers are using it. One of the biggest reasons that consumers hate advertisements is because they are disruptive. Imagine browsing the internet or visiting your favorite website, only to have a pop-up interrupt your experience. It’s jarring, it’s annoying, and most of all it prevents you from doing what you intended.

Another critical reason that digital consumers hate advertisements is because they fear them. The online world can be a dangerous place for your personal information and privacy. And some ads are malicious. So, customers would rather avoid the risk of clicking on an ad that might just be out to steal their information. Some are even concerned about advertisers sharing their information with third-party services.

The last thing to remember is that your advertisements do affect your audience’s web experience. If your ads are the reason for websites slow load times or eat up the data on their phone, then they will walk away from the website. Digital customers hate to waste their time trying to work with a web page that doesn’t work. Even worse, if your advertisements are truly the cause of a websites sluggish experience, the owners of that site will not want you hosting your ads there anymore.