Holiday-themed window displays used to rule the fourth quarter, but that’s not the case with NYC’s top retail stores this year. They may still remotely relate to the North Pole (with some displays appearing to be made of ice), but mobile and digital advancements are the order of the day—or, should I say, of the season. Some of these displays feature such incredible light show effects that they need to have disclaimers for their seizure-causing potential.

This year, technology is the name of the game: Displays are filled with lights, 3D projection cameras and interactive mobile action. To finish out their window display, one company went as far as acquiring all-weather televisions to withstand the harsh winter elements.

Another popular store is featuring a seven-minute-long light and video presentation, using state-of-the-art digital mapping technology to create a 3D environment. And passersby can do more than just look at the display, too: Mobile technology allows window shoppers to interact with the decorations as well.

Consumers have jumped on the bandwagon as printing technology enters the third dimension. This emerging technology is now also being incorporated into the industry. These are just a few examples of how technology and marketing have combined to create the perfect holiday window display.

Gone are the days of red and green tinsel surrounding depictions of Santa, or of his elves making gifts for all the good boys and girls. This is the digital world—how better to bring consumers into your store and fill them with the holiday spirit (and by that, we mean priming them to spend their money) than to show what modern technology can do?