How Consumers Are Using Their Devices Today

These days, there are some obvious trends in the way people use their gadgets. Many have several mobile devices and switch between them for various tasks, with much of their social interactions taking place on these as well. It’s clear that the way people communicate and entertain themselves nowadays is definitely changing.

These trends shouldn’t be overlooked, especially from a marketing perspective. If you want people to see your ad, you need to know where their eyes are—and though that’s very often on their smartphones or tablet computers, you may be surprised to find out where they actually spend most of their time.

While almost three quarters of families with television sets also have a computer, the time they spend watching TV is around five times more that what they spend on their desktop PCs. Three fifths of these households also stream TV shows from the Internet, but this only makes for a small fraction of their TV viewing, too. One fifth of those viewers are primarily watching the majority of streaming TV, and even they’re watching more regular TV than streamed shows.

If these facts are surprising, it helps to realize that when families are home, they’re still sitting in front of the television more than anything else.

On the other hand, nearly every U.S. home has a cell phone, and more than half have smartphones. People spend more time using social networks on their smartphones than on their tablets, and conversely, more time is spent watching videos on tablets than on smartphones.

Even so, the time spent on social networks and videos on smartphones and tablets is still only a portion of the time that people spend watching television. Of course, some of that time on mobile devices is spent while watching TV simultaneously as well, so brands still need to convince people to watch commercials instead of texting or checking their Facebook® pages while their ads are on.

Though TV still packs a strong marketing punch, it’s also best to take advantage of these new and booming forms of technology in order to reach as many people as possible.