Advantages of One-Page Websites

By one-page websites, we mean sites where all of their content is available on one individual page. Even clicking links for site content doesn’t lead to a separate page internally; instead, it makes you scroll downwards or sideways, leading you directly to the section on the page with the information you’re looking for. This design is fast becoming a trend these days, especially with the advent of mobile browsing, which employs a vertical style of scrolling. The layout is very appealing to readers, since it minimizes the need to load a new page every time and makes for a quicker browsing experience.

Most of the time, these long-scrolling formats are used for sites that showcase this type of vertical content best, like quick-refreshing, “feed-oriented” websites such as Facebook® and Twitter®. But there are a lot of advantages to having this type of layout for your own sites as well: For the most part, its user-friendly interface doesn’t overwhelm the reader. If you’re trying to give out information in an easily consumed manner, this is how to do so.

When you package content this way, it also urges you to update frequently and produce quality entries each time. The long-scrolling format is also excellent for sites that aren’t too image-heavy, as this makes for faster loading on either desktop or 4G or WiFi-dependent devices.

Where does this page link to? You won’t be asking that with this kind of site—everything is right there in front of you and presented in reverse chronological order, making for easy upkeep. Organizing content will be a simpler, more logical process, and visitors will appreciate its appealing and straightforward design as well.

Finally, let’s talk rank: When you only have one page to focus on, your ranking isn’t getting split among your homepage, a products page, a blog, an “About Us” page etc. This means more traffic for your website, and even more so if your site gets a lot of mobile browsers, too.

Admittedly, it’s not right for every website out there, but those that can get away with a single-page, long-scrolling style will find that there are many advantages to it for site owners and readers alike.