The Best Viral Marketing Videos: 2013 Edition

At the end of the year, people usually like to look back and see what worked and what didn’t do as well during the past 12 months. Making videos go viral is a recent trend used by companies as part of their marketing strategies, and some outstanding ones took the online world by storm indeed. We took stock of our favorites from the past year and see which videos really made their mark.

Dove™ was the number-one viral video-producing company in 2013. How they did it: with a little ad series on the comparison between how women saw themselves and how other people did. In the videos, a woman would describe her own features to a sketch artist while being hidden from the artist himself. A stranger would then get to spend time with the woman and also describe her to the artist afterwards. Both sketches would then be shown to the woman, eliciting a highly emotional response from her (and the video’s viewers) after she sees how much more beautiful others described her versus her own perception of herself. The films received an award back in May, thus getting the highest spot on our list. This level of emotional impact put Dove on top of all other Internet videos that were released last year.

Other companies that enjoyed great viral success in 2013 include Google™, Volvo®, Evian®, Toshiba®, Samsung® and Turkish Airlines®. Videos took advantage of certain modern phenomena, such as Google’s video on productivity and Turkish Airlines playing on the world’s fascination with “selfies.” Evian used babies to sell water (babies are always good at selling products, after all), and Samsung teamed up with popular recording artist Jay-Z.

These video marketing campaigns each saw over 50 million views in 2013, with Dove topping the charts at over 135 million. This just further emphasizes what an excellent online video campaign can do for brand awareness and reputation.