Social Marketing: In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb?

A recent survey conducted showed how companies across the United States and Canada felt about their presence on social media this past year. Results have shown that while social media elicited a strong response from marketers at first, much of it now seems to be treated as a chore for companies.

It can be tough for companies to keep consumers engaged across the myriad of social networks in an effort to gain, and in some cases retain, patrons. Social media marketing became a method for keeping customers plugged in to campaigns.

More than half of the companies in the survey couldn’t clearly see the connection on a consistent basis. Others also had much to say on the true value of their income versus the cost involved in bringing it in. A small portion (about 1 in 19) of companies was new on the scene. While social media marketing is by no means a new strategy, startup companies are just recently getting into it and there are still a few other businesses out there that have resisted the tide until now.

The more shocking figure is that fewer than 10 percent are happy with the results garnered from their social media site usage. In fact, a little over 10 percent are tired of the social media game and are about to pull out altogether to increase their efforts elsewhere. Over one-fifth are unhappy with how things are going, but are determined to stick it out.

So what about the others, those that make up more than half the number of participants in the survey? For them it’s a waiting game: They’ve put enough into it and now want to see if things can keep going as they are. They aren’t retreating just yet, but they aren’t looking to sink themselves into social media as they have in the past, either.

Is social media marketing falling apart as quickly as it came together? 2014 may not be the year that we find out for sure, but many companies are looking to do far less this year, and most seem to be dissatisfied with the experience thus far.