Where Are People Spending Their Money? More Often on Mobile Devices Than Desktops

It’s sad to say, but many businesses are still not sinking their money into mobile advertising – at least not as much as they should be. The fact is that almost everyone has at least one mobile device—if not several. This is where people spend most of their time looking. Mobile devices now make up more than a fifth of all web traffic.

Most people only check their social networking sites on their mobile devices. All of the biggest technology companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and more are focusing on making mobile devices. For many, a mobile device is the first thing they check when they wake up, and the last thing they use before going to bed. The portrait of the American family is no longer one of everyone sitting in front of the TV. It’s everyone sitting in front of their mobile devices.

So here’s the thing: if people are on their mobile devices, and that’s where they’re spending their money, where should your ad campaigns be focused? That’s why two thirds of senior execs that were polled in one survey claimed that they were going to focus more on mobile advertising. But saying it and doing it are two different things. There’s a huge workload involved in the shift to mobile marketing.

In the end, as people become multitasking monsters, the marketing industry has to follow suit. You can’t just go after consumers on one screen and hope you catch them looking. Even the best brands need to keep on top of the current data and respond accordingly. So the key for marketing right now is to engage consumers with whatever format they are currently most active on.