Mobile Ad Clutter: Don’t Disappear Into the Morass of Mobile Advertisements

As mobile devices take a larger piece of the digital pie, many marketers are forced to move ad campaigns from desktops to tablets and smartphones. It’s a relatively new marketing arena and that increases the potential for error. So, how should you be advertising in the digital realm so that you don’t get lost in the sea of other ads that companies are just throwing out there because they heard that mobile is the next big thing? Here are a few ways to stand out among the mobile ad clutter without creating an eyesore for consumers.

First, despite devices being classified as “mobile,” most consumers are on their tablets and phones at home on a regular basis. Don’t just try to connect with consumers when they walk in your store. Reach them at home and convince them to come to the store with special offers.

You also need to consider the user’s experience. Consumers are going to be angry with ads that are in their face when they are trying to use social media, play a game, or send a text. People respond in different ways to mobile ads. Testing may be necessary to determine where to best place ads for people in your target audience. Just be sure that the placement makes sense. A family-friendly brand doesn’t want their ad appearing in an adult-oriented app.

One of the worst experiences for a mobile user is to actually see an ad that interests them and then have it not work. It won’t look good for your company at all if your mobile site won’t load or is impossible to use on the device a consumer presently has in their hand. No one is switching from their phone to their tablet, or vice versa, to learn more about your promotion.

Don’t be afraid to break out of the mold a little when it comes to digital ads. You need to do something to make your ad stand out from the mobile ad clutter. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little, but don’t take a risk that can hurt your brand reputation either.