Marketing Glossary: Once More Unto the Breach

The terms and phrases used by marketers are usually pretty exclusive. The greater part of the population will never hear, use, or even need to know what these terms mean. Actually, there are even some marketers who are not always quite sure why some expressions are used, or what they refer to. This marketing lingo ‘exclusivity’ is not because marketers are trying to be purposely opaque. It is partly because no one else cares to know, and, it is partly because many people simply have no need to know. However, should you find yourself in a situation where marketing jargon is in play, it is handy to have a few terms in your marketing glossary. So, here is some terminology that you may hear, when you are rubbing shoulders with people from the marketing community.

There are some tools marketers use, in order to get people talking and involved, that help the marketer reach certain marketing goals. These are a few of the terms that are used when marketers are employing this strategy.

Newsjacking: A good marketer will pay attention to what is current and popular in the culture. Or, the marketer will be aware of what people talking about on the web or in social media. The marketer will then interject in ways that directs attention to the product s/he is trying to promote.

Gamification: The word is referring to some of the tools and options added to apps and campaigns that keep the consumer involved. They do not always have more of a purpose than that. Take, for example, when you fill out a profile. During the process, you might be shown what percentage you are at with the information you are filling out. The goal is to hit the 100% mark. This simple procedure can help keep you interested in filling out the profile.

User-centric: Basically, this means that a project is being done with the consumer in mind. In marketing this is usually the goal, but there are times when it just does not happen.

Marketing is a tough business. It takes dedication, hard work, and research. Some of the tasks and goals, however, are really only relevant to the industry. Hence, a specific lingo has developed that is spoken by a small band of native speakers. Developing your personal marketing glossary will provide you with an ‘in,’ whenever the conversation should turn toward marketing.