Marketing Terms in Plain(er) English

Ever wonder what some of those marketing terms mean? It can sound like a language out of a sci-fi adventure, yet there are easy-to-understand definitions for the marketing terms commonly thrown around the marketing water cooler. To help you brush up on your marketing lingo, here are some of the more common marketing terms and their meanings. Use them to impress or just to keep up with the marketing department.

Some of the more common marketing terms can create a little bit of confusion. So, let’s try and make some sense out of it all.

Owned Media: Just as the name implies, this means the media is owned. Whoever had the site or page created, and owns it, also has a say as to what goes on the site or page. So if someone posts a comment, it may be allowed to stay. However, the owner reserves the right to remove it.

Paid Media: A marketing term that pretty much means what it says. Not everything on the web is free; sometimes, you need to pay in order to see.

Omni-Channel: Really this sums up the goal of most enterprises. They want the customer to have the same experience, no matter where they are when dealing with your business. So no matter whether a person is shopping online, or is physically present at the store, it should feel just about the same.

Social Commerce: At the moment, social media is all the rage. Social commerce is a marketing term used to describe how money can be made from this trend.

Key Performance Indicators: This is, in short, the marketer’s goals and a record of how successfully these goals have been reached. This is particularly true when it comes to diverting the consumer’s attention to an ad. Or, better yet, having made a sale.

Throwing some of these marketing terms around will help you hold your own with a marketer and keeps you in the loop. There are plenty more marketing terms worth knowing; these will find their way into another article, so stay tuned.