Organizing your PPC Campaigns: Spring Cleaning for Your Ads

The time has come once again to take a good look at your pay-per-click (PPC, or cost-per-click, CPC) campaigns. You may have changed your ad schedule during the high season and now it might be time to make sure your normal settings are put back in place. Now is the right time to check on any changes or modifiers that you made have implemented over the last year. Organizing your PPC campaigns can help you get ready for next season.

A good place to start is with ad copy. To be the most effective, you should be checking your ads constantly. These checks can result in hundreds of changes a year (maybe thousands depending on how many PPC accounts you manage). So, now is a good time to make sure that all the URLs that you have for your ads are correct and that retired messages are not left over.

Another place to look would be at your language targeting. Just automatically choosing English for all your ads is tempting, but you could be missing out on a lot of potential if you do not give it a close look.

Next up are URL parameters and tracking parameters. If you have experience with PPC campaigns then you know from experience that these parameters are very delicate. One wrong key stroke and all of your information is no longer correct. For this reason, it is a good idea to review all of your parameters. This is especially important if you use Bing since they don’t auto-tag.

Possibly one of the most important areas to review is your auto-targeting with AdWords and product listing ads (PLAs). Every aspect of these targets should be reviewed.

In view of all the changes that were implemented with enhanced campaigns, you should also take a look at your geographic targeting. It is smart to take a look at your average order value, or AOV, region by region. Now is the time to make any adjustments that could be helpful.

Reviewing and tidying up all these areas of your ad campaigns will help ensure that you are not wasting your efforts or energy on something that is not thought out and purposeful. Organizing your PPC campaigns in such a way will help maximize profitability.