Pay-Per-Click Strategies: Spring Cleaning for Your Ads, Part 2

In the first part of this series, we examined everything from ad copy to geographic targeting. Now, here are the rest of the pay-per-click strategies you should be looking over in order to ensure that your PPC campaigns are up-to-date and earning you the returns that they should be.

Have you thought about landing pages? Many times, especially when it comes to dealing with massive amounts of URLs, many remnants that should not still be active are. The more keywords used in the URLs, the more clean up there usually is to do.

Ad scheduling, rotation, and delivery. Can be trouble spots as well. Throughout the year you may have made adjustments to your campaigns. Are these changes still valid? Many people when asked do not even know why their ads are scheduled the way they are. Get involved and get informed. Setting your ad delivery system to “accelerated” may turn better results for you.

AdWords has now offered a helpful tool in shared budgets. This can be very advantageous, but make sure to review which ads are sharing which budgets and how much these budgets are allotted.

You may have put in place a seasonal ad extension. You should check to make sure that all of the site links are still good and that the URLs are as well.

Many take a guessing approach to mobile bid modifiers, so now is the time to think about these enhancements and make sure that they are in line with your objectives as you move forward.

A big one to look at is automated bid rules. These automatic adjustments should be checked to make sure that the changes they are making are still valid.

Across all of your ad campaigns, you can also create a list of shared negative keywords. You should check to make sure that these lists are correct and attached to the correct campaigns.

Make sure your audience lists are targeted correctly, not including anyone they shouldn’t and not excluding anyone they shouldn’t. You should also check this in relation to any changes you may have made to the website.

Check to see that any ads you may be running on the Search Partner Network within AdWords are functioning correctly and effectively. Bing offers more control options in regards to this, so be sure you check those out too.

Lastly, take a look at your display network. As you go clean up your Google Display Campaigns, remember that they tend to not work as well on mobile devices, so check those settings carefully. Also examine the “Bid Only” and the “Target and Bid” settings.

It may seem like a lot of little things, but every item on this list is important if you want your PPC campaigns to really pay off for your company in the long run.