Keep Your Online Shoppers Coming Back: Treat Them Like You Would Like to Be Treated

A disgruntled customer isn’t going to storm out of your online store and come back to drive their SUV through the glass. They just won’t come back at all, which means lost sales. Here are some suggestions you can apply that will keep your online shoppers coming back.

First of all, you should not charge the customer for returns. It is annoying to pay for the return postage just because someone ordered the wrong size. However, if you think of it as overhead, just like what brick-and-mortar stores have, it may be easier to take. And, think of it this way, you don’t have to worry about customers walking out of the store with a product they didn’t pay for.

Second, be sure your product descriptions are worthwhile. Here’s an example: Don’t sell speakers and forget to list the frequency response range. Informed consumers want to know these kinds of details, even if it’s just a portable speaker. It is also important to provide information like accurate product dimensions, including weight.

Also, make sure your ‘Search’ works correctly. If a customer searches for hard-shell luggage and they get 3 results, well, that is good. However, if they go to buy or select another item and your site’s ‘Recommended products’ includes another hard-shell luggage piece that wasn’t in the original results, they will quickly get frustrated and move on.

“How many hoops do I have to jump through to get you to take my money?” If a customer is wondering this, then the odds are items will get left in the cart—and they won’t be back for them. Make the site easy to navigate, especially the checkout procedure. Make it easy to adjust items in the cart, whether it is removing an item or adjusting the quantity.

Finally, customer service may be even more important to online shoppers. If there is an issue, respond promptly and try to resolve it to the customer’s satisfaction the first time. If you follow these suggestions, you will keep your online shoppers coming back, time and time again.