Three Reasons Your Ads Are Ignored: Don’t Ignore This

Most people, if asked, will say that they hate ads. Some even send “hate mail” to advertising companies, and people who work in advertising often receive constant complaints. However, most people also put up with ads because of the benefits, such as free access to certain online content. Here are three reasons your ads are ignored. Advertisers need to pay attention to all three areas.

1. Location
Many times, ads are not placed on the webpage where visitors readily see them. For example, an ad at the bottom of a long webpage might have few if any viewers. Ads with poor placement, such as that given in this example, are essentially a waste. In fact, some reports suggest that over 50 percent of ads fall victim to poor viewing placement, and are never seen by consumers. This is not always the fault of the advertiser, as it may be because of the way in which the webpage itself was designed.

2. Relevance
The best ad, one that is both creative and engaging, is useless if it does not reach its target audience. For example, a company that produces baby products, but advertises on a gaming website, will probably not attract many consumers. Or, a company that focuses their advertising in a country where their product or chain is not available is wasting its resources. Advertisers who account for both website location and the website’s content relevance will find that their ads are much more successful.

3. Traffic Fraud
Another thing that can cause advertisers to waste resources is fraudulent traffic. A large percentage of web traffic is generated by bots. This causes problems for advertisers because bots do not actually consume the product, just the advertisement.

These three reasons your ads are ignored should be taken seriously by advertisers. If effectively addressed, your ad will have a much better chance at being seen and followed. Advertisers can ensure that their ads have the highest chance of success by creating high quality content, placing them on relevant websites, and in a viewable location.