B2B Marketing Tactics: Marketing to Marketing Companies

One of the toughest things for a marketing company is to enjoy good business partnerships with other marketing companies. Let’s face it. We are very adept at getting people to fall in love with a product or service and give up their money. Our fellow marketers know this. Just like you can’t con a con, it’s tough to market to a fellow marketer. They know all your tactics. They use them too. With B2B marketing tactics you have to throw out the playbook and try something different: Be simple and direct with them.

The problem is that you get a huge variance in the knowledge level of CMOs. Some are very knowledgeable when it comes to the ins and outs of digital marketing, but most aren’t. It’s still a fairly new field when it comes to the well-established marketing world. On the other hand, that leaves you an in when it comes to gaining an advantage by being a straight talker. CMOs with little experience in the digital world respond strongly to clear ROI. That doesn’t happen a lot with digital marketing, so data analysis and reporting is an important part of winning a wary CMO over.

Many times, marketing to fellow marketers is about education. They know the marketing industry well as a whole, but have concerns about digital marketing itself. “What is programmatic marketing?” for example, is an important question to answer. Does your company provide training or will they be reliant upon your firm forever?

Social media is also an important part of the B2B marketing process. It’s a great place to show off what your company can do. Do you post engaging content and see interaction such as comments, likes, and re-posts? Seeing how well social marketing is working for your business will inspire wary companies with confidence that you know what you are doing.

There’s no other way to put it: marketers are skeptics. B2B marketing tactics must take this into account. After all, we know the science behind how we get people to spend their money. So, if you want to earn a marketing company’s money, you need to shoot straight and come prepared to offer evidence of what you can do.