Taking a Brand to the Next Level: What You Need to Know

There is a difference between brand names you recognize and brands that make you question purchasing a product from anyone else regardless of the extra expense. So, what is it that makes the difference? Spending money actually carries an emotional reward for people; logic rarely enters into the equation. That means creating an emotional connection for people to your brand is the best way of taking a brand to the next level.

There are a few things that will result in loyal customers. One is product quality. If a consumer knows they can trust your product, they won’t mind spending a few extra dollars (or maybe more). There’s also a feeling of satisfaction after a purchase from a trusted company. You know that what you got is going to be enjoyed thoroughly or will be useful to you for a long time.

Take Apple®, for example. There’s a rewarding feeling when you buy an Apple® product because you know they produce high quality technology. There’s also a feeling of satisfaction at being part of a community of users. Most users can’t imagine switching to another company’s tablet or phone, even if it would mean saving hundreds of dollars.

Starbuck’s® is another great example. They have millions of Americans convinced that they are the only company in the nation that can provide a decent cup of joe. Meanwhile, if you ask a European who is visiting the states if they have fallen in love with Starbucks® yet, they’ll probably tell you they hate it. The fact is that Starbucks® isn’t the greatest coffee on Earth. They’ve just convinced America that they are. When you drink a Starbucks® coffee, you feel like you made a good decision.

Here’s the real secret about taking a brand to the next level and the difference between the greatest brands and everyone else. They aren’t chasing after their customers. They create an environment that makes consumers chase them. They also don’t just try to jump on the current industry bandwagon. Companies like Apple® and Starbucks® are pioneers in their fields. Finally, they create a community presence rather than just focusing on selling a specific product. Apple® doesn’t cram tablets, phones, or computers down the public’s throat. They just convince you that if you want high quality, innovative products, you will stick with them. If they switched to making toasters, people would buy those too.