Creating Customer Engagement: Long Term

Once you have made a consumer aware of your brand and created a perception that causes them to be willing to become a customer, you may receive the added benefit of a sale. But what happens next? The process doesn’t start from the beginning. They already know about your brand and have demonstrated an interest. The key now is to keep them engaged, so that every time they need a product or service that you offer, your brand comes to mind first. This is where creating customer engagement is vital to maintaining a long term relationship. How do you hold their attention, even when they are not actively shopping for what you provide?

In the modern world, consumer engagement generally takes place in two settings. One form is in-store. The other is online, especially on social media platforms. According to one survey, the right engagement can result in a spending increase of up to 40 percent more than the average customer spends. Remember, not all engagement is a good thing, as the wrong kind of engagement can drive a previous customer to a rival brand.

To keep your customers happy and thinking about your brand, you need to encourage them to interact with your company and with other loyal shoppers. You can do this through engaging content on Facebook®, Instagram®, your blog, or some other social platform. You can also create engagement through special sales, promotions for regular customers, a loyalty program, or special in-store deals that they may learn about through email.

This makes engagement easier to track than it sounds. Are people using digital coupons from your email campaigns? How many Likes, Retweets, and Pins are your posts or comments getting? How many members does your loyalty program have, and are people actually using it? Have you been able to create a sense of community amongst your customers, perhaps even creating forums for them to connect? If the answer to these questions is uniformly favorable, then you are creating customer engagement at a high level, and this is sure to lead to conversions.