Big changes are in store for SEO in 2016. Is your company ready to stay on top? Here are a few things you need to prepare for.

  • Voice Search – Not only are more and more people searching using mobile devices, but many of those searches are voice searches. That means ranking for long-tail keywords that consumers are likely to speak. Don’t forget that people are utilizing their digital assistants like Siri, Ok Google, Facebook M, and Cortana, so be sure that your content is optimized to meet their needs.
  • Real-Time Penguin Penalties – Google’s latest update has been pushed back to early 2016. At least, that gives you a little extra time to prepare. Penalties will now be assessed in real-time. That means sticking to algorithm guidelines more closely than ever before.
  • Integration Is a Must – SEO campaigns will have to align more closely with the rest of a brand’s marketing initiatives. This includes everything from media buying and PPC to social media and affiliate marketing.
  • Google Answers Queries – The trend is for Google to present itself as the authority on every searchable topic. However, Google’s answers generally come from authority sites. This presents the opportunity for brands to move to the front of a search even if the site doesn’t rank number one.
  • Image and Video Recognition – As search engines get better at examining speech, we can look forward to advances in the use of images and videos for SEO. For now, we still need to tell Google what our videos and images are about. Will 2016 be the year that Google starts watching our videos, viewing our images, and picking out keywords on its own?
  • In-Platform Competition – With Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon vying for supremacy, you can expect platforms to be where the hottest competition takes place. Google still rules the world for search, so SEO will continue to focus on Google ranking.
  • Jazz Up Your SERP Appearance – Schema can increase click-through by giving searchers a more accurate description of what they’ll get when they click on your link.

Search engine optimization continues to be a vital driver in online marketing, and with its inherent connection to technologies, SEO must keep up with them more now than ever.