YouTube Celebs: What Brands Can Get

We all love a good Cinderella, rags-to-riches, story. YouTube creates these stories all the time by taking ordinary folks and making them overnight celebrities. But there is a difference between YouTube celebs and Hollywood celebs. People who hit it big on YouTube give us the sense that they belong to the common people. We made them who they are by watching, subscribing, and telling everyone we know about their talent. We love that. These people are real. Hollywood celebrities are like gods and goddesses looking down upon us from Olympus. They make the tabloids. Meanwhile, YouTube stars seem like someone you would have over for dinner.

Over 50 million people are regular YouTube users, so it’s a large pool to swim in for marketing purposes. How can brands create the right content to get a foothold in a world that has rejected Hollywood glitz and glam and replaced it with cosplayers, acoustic singers, funny news shows, and video game streamers? Here are a few ways to connect with your target audience.

First of all, put it in the budget for 2015. Plan on spending money to produce video content for a YouTube site. Also, don’t be afraid to partner up. Sponsor one of these little hometown heroes who are now world renowned. YouTube personalities are well established, and this is what the YouTube community loves. Hollywood has tried to beat them and has failed. Your brand is better off trying to join them. Also, be interactive. People are on YouTube because it’s down-to-earth. This is where you make your brand feel like the person they invite over for dinner instead of the giant who lives up the beanstalk protecting their goose that lays golden eggs.

Focus on the allure of YouTube instead of trying to change it. It’s a great way to humanize your company in the eyes of people, while creating engaging content that improves brand perception. If done right, you and your brand can be a YouTube celeb too.