Customer Engagement Through Mobile: How Many Should You Be Reaching?

Many in the business world are saying that a mere six percent is the sweet spot. But, the fact is, this figure only includes consumer engagement and not necessarily a sale. Would you count that kind of a figure a success? If six percent of your customers download your app and none of them even use it to make a purchase through the app, what did you gain? At most, you get a small percentage of in-store sales through a coupon on the app. Or, maybe you sell some advertising space.

It is well known that consumers are doing their research on mobile devices before making purchases. Can you take your customers from the planning phase to the buying stage, right there on their mobile device? Now, that is a far more tangible success. Use your app as the jump point between research and sale.

Take 1-800 Contacts as an example. What do you think holds people back from buying contacts online? Before filling a prescription, contact sellers need to see the prescription. That’s something that has to happen in person, right? I mean, some people will be willing to type in the info, but if they mistype something, or misread the doctor’s handwriting, they are stuck with useless contacts and no recourse. A lot of people are unwilling to take that chance. Enter the 1-800 Contact app, which lets you send in your prescription via taking a photo with your mobile device. This puts the responsibility on the company to get your prescription right. Customers feel more secure and mobile sales ensue. The app isn’t just fluff. It’s a sales device.

The other thing to consider about customer engagement through mobile is when to engage your consumers. Will it be considered a convenience or terrifying if a coupon pops up on their phone when they come within a certain distance of your store? Some people may spend a little extra thanks to the incentive. While I, for one, welcome personalization, others may feel that tracking their location is an invasion of privacy. You have to gauge how your customers will deal with such a mobile solicitation.