The one constant about digital marketing and Google’s algorithms is that both these are constantly changing. As a digital marketer, you have to be on your toes. Panda, while not as extensive as previous updates, is still making waves when it comes to content. If you want to continue to drive targeted traffic to your website from the search engine super giant, then you need to know what each update is all about.

Do not forget the reason behind the constant updates from Google. Search is their golden goose. Everything else that the corporation owns and runs spring from the enormous fortune they make off of things such as Adwords. Why do people use Google? It provides them with the most relevant search results. That’s the bottom line. They offer a service to their customers. While many of Google’s clients are businesses, their attention has to be fixed on the client using their primary product – the search engine. Companies only pay for ads with Google because they know they can count on those millions of searches. That means you cannot expect Google to be looking out for your best interests when they improve the search algorithm.

The reason for the Panda update is simple. More and more people are shopping on their phones. Google needed to make sure that search results provide consumers with the best buying options. That means that location-based data is ranking more strongly in a local setting. It also means that weak content and copied content are being hit with harder penalties. It looks bad for Google when the first five search results are all fluff–all the same fluff at that. It also means that Google is ranking sites based on UX. If your content is keyword stuffed, the page is riddled with ads, and the site is so cluttered that the bounce rate is high, Google will stop sending traffic.

That means, in the end, the same rules apply as did before Panda for digital marketing. Provide the best content, and get the best ranking. It really is that simple. If you look at the algorithm as a puzzle you have to solve, you never will. Google doesn’t care about whether you win or lose. They just want you to play fair. That is, what is best for their customers, which makes it best for their bottom line. Don’t forget: Google is in business to make money, just like everyone else. And they are very good at it.