These are the titles you want on your business cards. If you still use those.

First of all, slapping the word technologist onto your title instantly makes it a thousand times cooler. Just ask pretty much everyone in the medical field who is not a doctor. It takes a lot of work to pass the exams that result in being known as a technologist, but they will not allow you to dare call them techs. So let’s begin our list with Marketing Technologist. The Marketing Technologist brings together both necessary elements of the marketing world: analytics and the human element. This title screams, “I’m innovative, but I also understand people and how to keep them engaged.”

Let’s face it. The digital marketing world changes so quickly that it’s surprising more companies do not turn to professional fortune tellers. In lieu of that, a class of marketer has developed known as the Futurist. Basically, Futurists are in charge of predicting where the industry will go next so that a business can stay ahead of the curve. It is far less hocus-pocus and far more science, so meteorologist is probably the closest comparison. Just do not expect to have your job very long if you are only right as often as the weatherman.

Everything is about branding in our modern marketing world, so wouldn’t it be nice to have that buzzworthy word in your job title? For example, the Brand Ambassador is like your company’s public face. Anything that the Brand Ambassador does stick to the brand in the mind of the public. On the other hand, the Brand Editor is the last line of defense between everything the company churns out and the public. Making sure that everything the brand produces, content-wise, is in harmony with brand values is a tall order, but at least it comes with a sexy job title.