When it comes to social media and business, one of the hottest topics is crisis management. After all, scandals from social media abound. It raises a question: Which is better for your business, a creative but risky use of social media or a safe a measurable campaign? The debate continues on.

The Risks and Rewards of Real-Time Marketing (RTM)

Real-time marketing has become the gambling addict’s form of marketing. After all, there is an awful lot of money to be made in a short amount of time if your business hits it just right. It calls for creativity, but also a lot of luck. Unfortunately, real-time marketing is far more likely to end up blowing up in a company’s face. It is definitely a high risk, high reward form of marketing.

But real-time marketing does not have to mean waiting around for something to happen on the world scene in order to try and capitalize to make a profit. Some of the most successful real-time ventures involve campaigns that are already in place. The fact is that if your firm focuses on measurable campaigns, there is nothing wrong with capitalizing on something related that comes up. Keeping RTM efforts relevant to already existing campaigns lowers the risk.

Snapchat is an obvious RTM tool. Popularity of the app is growing and this is a great opportunity for businesses to get into a form of social marketing at the ground level. The conundrum then is about finding the best way to use Snapchat as a marketing tool. This is yet another RTM method that could go horribly awry. One method that many marketers have successfully used is “learn from the mistakes of others.” You do not have to be the first company in your industry to take on Snapchat if you can do it better when you finally get on the bandwagon.