Would you walk into a shop for the first time if it had a terrible window display or perhaps none at all? For all intents and purposes, your homepage is the window display for your e-commerce site. That means you need to convince customers to come in and stay a while with the enticing visual images on your homepage. You cannot leave them out. You cannot clutter the display. So how do you draw consumers in, and is the homepage really that important?

One customer relationship management company reports that clients more than doubled their conversion rates simply by adding a background image to the homepage. So yes, visual displays can make all the difference when it comes to making a sale versus having a consumer check out the homepage and then go elsewhere. What are some considerations when you are selecting the images that will greet website visitors?

Do not just rely on stock images. Studies have also shown that conversion rates rise when images of real people using the items that are for sale are used. When someone sees an actual human using your product and enjoying it, they are more likely to feel that they will like the product as well. You just cannot convey that same feeling with a picture of a product against a solid white background.

Image quality is important as well. After all, if your image quality is poor, why should a consumer assume that your product quality is any better. Also, your customers will be shopping from various devices. Be sure that the image will load well across platforms, look right on screens of all sizes, and not soak up a consumer’s data plan if they are on a mobile network.

If your e-commerce site is suffering from a high bounce rate, it may be time to add or change the images you are using to attract customers.