By now, business owners realize that they have to develop a company website in order to be competitive in our digital and international business world. Taking out a full page in the yellow pages cannot help your business when everyone just uses their mobile phone to look up numbers. However, simply slapping a website on the Internet is not going to make a business thrive. Here are a few things that business owners cannot forget when setting up their company website.

First and foremost is strong SEO content. If your website does not rank high enough with Google, no one will ever see it anyway. No matter how niche of an establishment you are operating, SEO is the only way to draw in web traffic. Hardly anyone makes it to the second page of a web search, and about half of people just click on the first website that comes up. If that is not you, then your website is not reaching its full potential.

Where is the blog? If your site does not have one, and if it is not updated on a regular schedule, then you are missing out on a valuable opportunity for consumer engagement. You can use your blog for everything from plugging the latest products on the site to making important business announcements. If you keep the articles informative, you will encourage customers to interact, to share the content with others, and to return to read new posts. Good content also leads to backlinks (which help to improve SEO and site traffic) as well as a greater potential for guest blogging.

Finally, do not overwhelm site visitors with fancy media. If everything swirls and makes sounds and requires an animation, consumers can get frustrated with a site. Make your site visually appealing yet simple to navigate. Then your website earning potential will truly reach its fullest and help your business to thrive.