Wearables, or wearable technology, are being heralded as the future of technology. No one wants to be without his or her smart devices, so why not make them part of our wardrobe? It is an elegant solution, and one that will change the world of digital marketing for certain. What should we expect, as wearable devices become more commonplace? Here are four effects to watch out for over the next couple of years.

Mobile Applications. Wearables need apps to connect them to other devices which allow us to access the data. Some devices can run the apps themselves such as the Apple Watch. Either way, you can expect a glut of them to hit the market once such wearable products price drop enough to become mainstream.

Metrics. We love analyzing data. At first we developed metrics for our websites, email campaigns, and PPC marketing. Then metrics went mobile. You can bet there will be plenty of ways to track usage of wearable devices and gather data on your customers.

Geo-Tagged Advertising. We love to use mobile devices to send a coupon to consumers as they pass our brick and mortar stores. Now we can see when they approach even more easily when they are wearing a smart device on their person at all times. Tracking location and buying habits will be a great tool for drawing consumers in rather than letting them walk on by.

Social Media Implications. Every time a new device is developed, people use it to connect to their social networking accounts. You can bet people will expect the same from wearable devices. Whether it is the ability to check your Twitter from a watch or a shirt that automatically updates your Facebook status when you break a record on your morning jog, expect social media to be impacted heavily by wearable devices.