Thanks to social media, it is now possible to take your loyal customers and turn them into brand a advocate. However, you cannot expect an ambassador for your business to be willing to go without compensation. Here are some suggestions on how to use incentivized marketing to turn a repeat customer into your company’s personal brand agent.

First of all, it is important to understand that the younger generation does not necessarily trust branding. Yes, they may have heard of your company and seen the commercials, but most Millenials want confirmation from a friend that a product is worth purchasing. This means that turning customers into advocates is a vital part of modern marketing. Everything from brand awareness to customer acquisition is affected by reviews and social media shares/likes.

More than one-thirds of consumers in the US now shop on a mobile device. Combine that with the fact that the average smartphone owner checks their device every six minutes, and you have the recipe for where you want to have your advocate promoting your brand.

So how do you create advocates? Rewards, rewards, and more rewards! Developing different rewards levels for advocates and creating the right amount of incentive to perform various social media actions is the key. You can’t put yourself out of business by offering ridiculous deals for just tweeting about your brand, but by developing a point system that gives the customer enough of an incentive to keep taking action, the benefits will quickly outweigh the promotion. Some brands have even rewarded consumers for posting a selfie while in their store and using a particular tag. Others give points for checking in at a shop, retweeting (or reposting) the brand’s Twitter or Instagram post, and other social actions that promote the brand.

It will take a little math, but developing such a rewards program can take a regular customer and turn them into an ambassador, a brand advocate, for the company.