Well-established corporations have some serious advantages over startups. For example, their brand may be well known and respected in the industry. They also have credibility with banks and can acquire funds quickly. Plus, steady income allows them to sink money back into marketing campaigns. The digital business world, however, has made it feasible for a small business to compete successfully with a giant rival. Consider some factors that are leveling the playing field in our modern business environment.

PR Nightmares

Thanks to the Internet’s ability to catch an error and spread it around the world faster than a company can respond, many corporations have been involved in scandals requiring major apologies to the public. When this happens, an opening occurs, and new businesses can sneak in to grab some disgruntled consumers. This is one way that technology has served to even the odds between corporations and small business branding.

Strategic Focus

Technology has also led to the depersonalization of customer service and marketing techniques. Many automated technologies leave consumers with a bad taste in their mouth. Whether it is a campaign aimed at quick traffic or boosting revenue with ad dollars, customer relationships are what suffer. This is another area for strategic engagement on the part of smaller businesses.

Of course, many of these technologies are an excellent way to contact new consumers in your target audience. There is a balance to be struck, however. You still need to reach the widest audience possible while maintaining personal relationships with your potential customers.

Small Business Branding Advantages

Providing solid customer service and personalized services are two ways that small companies can catch up to their larger competitors. Another benefit of the tech age is the ability of small businesses to not seem that small online. Consumers get small business service while feeling like they are shopping with a larger company. The quality of your product will keep that illusion from being shattered.