To get the most out of your Snapchat marketing campaign, you have to understand what it is and what it is not. Here are a few simple understandings to guide you.

This Is Not Your Ordinary Social Platform. Snapchat has intentionally distanced itself from existing social media formats. It is designed as a platform for communication and creation of content. Treating the app in this way will help you to avoid developing campaigns as though you were designing them for a social network.

Shift from Creation to Consumption. Snapchat was originally designed to create and share content with individuals one-on-one (not a great marketing tool). The focus has been shifted to mass consumption with the addition of the Discovery Channels and the Our Story feature. This makes it possible to obtain enough views for content to make marketing a feasible goal.

A Young Demographic. If you want to reach 14 to 28-year-olds, this is the place to engage them. More than 50 million users in this age range exist in the US alone. The average frequency of app use is between 14 and 22 times per day. That means there is an entire generation that is glued to this app and waiting to be marketed to by your business.

Snapchat Is Not Intended for Organic Growth. This has been an issue with social media as well. Snapchat has been very straightforward about this, however, and they recommend using special events and brand storytelling to reach new users.

Snapchat is emerging as a tool to create brand awareness and engage the younger generation. If this is your goal, then your business should be interested in using a Snapchat marketing campaign. After all, with millions of users in its primary demographic who open the app over a dozen times per day, this is an easy to leverage format.