A security blunder can lead to major embarrassment for a company. Just ask Heinz, which experienced a QR code error that sent customers to a pornographic site instead of the intended company site. Oops.

The fact is that getting hacked is a fact of life for modern businesses. The question is, how will you respond when it happens to your company?

Secure Practices Limit Damage

The first thing everyone wants to know when a major hack occurs is whether or not the company was negligent in security practices. That means your security needs to be top notch for damage control to result in forgiveness. The main factors in avoiding a hack are:

  • Security Software
  • Administrative Control
  • Software Updates

If you have these three things in place, the blame can often be shifted from your company, which was doing everything right, to the hacker.

Regaining Consumer Trust

Most digital ad agencies understand how important it is to limit damages to any company because restoring trust is always vital to your brand. There are three main ways to keep consumers on your side.

  • Fix the Problem Quickly – Take the site down until you can figure out what is wrong and repair it. Try to identify the root of the problem instead of just fixing the effect. Check office computers for malware. Have the staff change all of their passwords. Make sure things are clear before you go live again. An isolated incident is forgivable, but patterns destroy trust.
  • Communicate with Consumers – If personal data was lost, let everyone know immediately. Usually, email is a good method. Take a lesson from Anthem BCBS, who offered an identity guard service for free for two years to everyone affected by a recent hack.
  • Use Social Media – This is a great place to provide updates and answer questions in a public forum.

Most digital ad agencies understand the rapid response necessary to limit damages to any brand. The key to fixing the problem is transparency. The public will find out what happened eventually. The longer it takes to communicate, the more damage occurs to brand perception. By fixing the problem and being honest, you can avoid much of the backlash that comes from getting hacked.