If you haven’t already guessed from the title, this is a “what not to do” with your social media marketing. Here are five things that I have seen on Instagram which turn people in the community off to an account.

  1. Failing to Interact

Social media is all about interaction. If your brand never comments or responds to comments, then you are blowing a big opportunity. You want to humanize your brand for people, and that means being polite and engaging, not just posting pretty pictures.

  1. Using Instagram for Sales Pitches

Social media, in general, is a tricky place to try and post sales copy. Instagram is probably the toughest. People who are scrolling through their friend’s pictures don’t want to see an ad, and they especially don’t want to see spam comments. When your brand comments on someone else’s picture, even if you’ve been tagged, play it cool. Save the sales pitch for your landing page where it belongs.

  1. “What Is This Account” Syndrome

Have you ever been on Instagram and had no idea what an account was about? The problem is likely inconsistency. Your brand’s message needs to be easily recognizable to anyone who has ever used your products or interacted with your brand somewhere else. Can you tailor your content to something buzzworthy such as a holiday? Of course! But a makeup company doesn’t need to post a pic of a graveyard on Halloween. You’re a makeup brand – post a face made up for the holiday using your products.

  1. No One Likes a Panhandler

There is no place in social media for comments such as “Follow us! Our pics are da bomb!” That’s just annoying. Unless you want people to think your brand rep is a preteen kid with braces or some guy with a neckbeard living in his mother’s basement, stick to getting follows the old fashioned way. Post good content.

  1. Forgetting the Hashtag

Okay, there is one more thing you need to add to your solid content when working with social media marketing. A bunch of good hashtags. This is how people find you. Forget it and you’re lost in the sea of pictures. If you need help finding which tags to use, try a Google search for popular tags, or check the Explore page to see what is trending at the moment.