More than ever, we need to engage consumers on their mobile devices. After all, that’s where people are. They are even picking up their phones to check social media while million dollar ads are running on the TV screen across the room. So how can you stay ahead in the mobile innovation race?

What’s so great about getting there first?

After all, Myspace wasn’t the world’s social networking giant just because it existed before Facebook. Sometimes it pays off to be the second or third company to the party. Then you can see where someone else with a genuinely good idea has gone slightly awry in presenting it and do the same thing, only better. One of the most important things to build for your brand in the mobile arena is credibility. That doesn’t always come from being the first brand to do something new.

True, some of the world’s largest companies are innovators such as Apple and Amazon. We rely on Apple to wow us with release news. We know that Amazon will always be ahead when it comes to running the world’s largest online superstore (even if federal law kills some of their big plans – like drone deliveries). So where does that leave your brand?

You have to focus on a few solid goals with your team’s mobile innovations:

  • Engagement
  • Loyalty
  • Trust
  • Sales

With certain forms of innovation, getting there first can make the difference between selling your app to Facebook for billions of dollars or not even making the featured page on the app store. At other times, arriving late to the party but doing it better may be the difference between actually being the next Facebook or drifting off into obscurity. It is important to understand what true innovation is.

Sometimes innovation means having the idea first. Sometimes it means seeing someone else’s idea and seeing how to improve on it.