The digital age has added many points of contact to engage consumers. Unfortunately, brands often misuse these opportunities and end up upsetting consumers rather than improving brand image. Here are some practices to avoid in your digital advertising strategies.

The Repetitive Ad Spot

I don’t know about you, but when I see the same ad during every commercial break while I’m trying to watch something on Hulu, I want to lose my mind. Yes, I’m talking to you Bush’s. There are rules here, and one of them is that I don’t want to see the same commercial from you 15 times tonight.

Pointless Content

Content that isn’t relevant is a waste of everybody’s time. It shows a lack of knowledge in regards to what your audience wants to see. If you don’t know your audience well enough to provide them interesting content, why should they trust you to provide a decent product?

Lying About Your Product

People are skeptical, and if they have any reason to doubt what you say they will most certainly ask Google about I to make sure. If it turns out that you are lying, misleading, leaving out facts, or just plain wrong, your credibility as a company is shot. Here’s a simple rule to remember: Honesty is the best policy.

Driving the Hard Sell

Do you like getting a hard sell when you walk into an auto dealer? Then why would a consumer want that when they are trying to surf the Internet, connect with friends on social media, or stream their favorite show? Produce content that tells a story and engages the consumer emotionally. Then they might forgive you for interrupting what they were doing before your ad came on.

Force-Feeding Your Story

This is where all of the above tips come together. If you are constantly hitting me over the head with a plot-driven ad that has nothing to do with my interests, I’ll be more likely to try and find something wrong with it, to view it as worthless, and to be aggravated with your brand for making me watch it. You have to tell a story, but it can’t just be any story, and you can’t cram it down the throats of your viewers. These are simply some common sense digital advertising strategies when it comes to ad development.