What do people want to see when they check out their news feed on social media? That is the question that Facebook had to answer while creating a new algorithm. Unfortunately for marketers, the answer that the social media giant came up with is content posted by friends and family members. How does this affect you, and how can your company still use social media marketing effectively on Facebook moving forward?

How Businesses Are Affected

Preference to posts from friends and family automatically means that sponsored content will appear lower in the feed. Since some users do not have time to scroll very far during each use of the social network, this may mean fewer ads actually being viewed. There is, however, a silver lining. Here are a few things that you may already be doing that will have a positive effect on your news feed placement.

  1. Brand Advocates Are More Vital Than Ever

Create a call to action for your fans to share your content with their friends and family. By producing high-quality content that fans deem worthy to share and promote, you get an even better spot in the news feed, and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

  1. Use Images and Video

This is another determination that Facebook made – people love visual content. That translates into videos and images finding a higher spot on the news feed. So whether you are encouraging your fans to share your content or are using paid advertising, focus on high-quality and engaging video and image content.

  1. Tags, Tags, and More Tags

Tags increase your viewing audience quickly. Be sure that any content your company posts is tagged properly, and encourage fans to use specific tags that are associated with your brand. If you have an event, make sure everyone who posts to Facebook is using a specific tag that identifies the event. Tags can also create a sense of community.

It may take a little more creativity, but the new Facebook algorithm is certainly not a deal breaker for social media marketing strategy gurus.