What does the future hold for content marketing? There are some exciting things that I hope to see unfold in 2016. All of these trends have already begun, but 2016 is the year we should see massive growth in the following aspects of content marketing.

  • Content Curation – Obviously, this is nothing new. What is new is who is curating the content. The answer? Brands. The fact is that many brands have been able to convince their customers to create content for them. Whether using contests or simply asking for pictures and videos, brands are becoming curators of consumer created content. Really, there is no cheaper way to market content than to have someone else produce it for free. Brands just need to come up with the campaigns, slogans, contests, and hashtags that get everyone onboard.
  • The Video Marketing Explosion – It’s actually a wonder to me that this hasn’t already happened. Content marketing has been going in this direction for a while now. 2016, however, seems like it will be the year of the video. 30 to 60-second clips are poised to dominate the marketing world.
  • Better Mobile Content – Responsive is one thing; mobile content for specific devices is something else. Both directions affect where marketing is heading in 2016. Responsive design was a great way to break into mobile marketing without a ton of additional expense. However, mobile users want a custom experience; so personalized content is crucial. For example, apple loyalists most often get the short end of the stick when content simply won’t load on the flash-free That’s only one example of why mobile sales are lagging for Apple despite mobile use being greater than desktop use
  • Native AdvertisingFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram are at the top of the native advertising world as far as social is concerned. Sponsored content engages users without taking them out of their chosen element. Even news sites like CNN have gotten onboard with native advertising.

Add to these the ongoing trend to humanize corporations, and you have a good idea of what 2016 has to offer in the content marketing world.