Marketers often feel like they spend the biggest portion of their time networking. There are just too many ways to communicate in the digital marketing world. Between sending emails, responding to LinkedIn messages, attending events, and the many other ways to contact fellow marketers, it can be daunting to make the connections that you know you need. Here are a few tricks to simplify the process.

Be Visible Online

Certain networking tools make you far more visible than others. For example, LinkedIn Pulse is a great way to be visible to people both inside and outside of your connections. You can quickly and easily post your own articles showing that you are an authority, as well as comment on the other people’s articles. It’s a fast and free way to network online.

Networking with a Shy Person

When you go to an actual event, try to find the person who is clearly having trouble approaching others. He or she is likely to really appreciate your efforts to connect. This is an especially good tactic if you are on the shy side yourself. Someone who can sympathize is more likely to be easy company.

Provide Value

B2B relationships are much like B2C ones in this way. You get what you give. Share your knowledge and give others the opportunity to also share. Every interaction counts, so don’t treat any digital or imn-person interactions lightly.

Meet the New Kid on the Block

After you spend a while in the marketing industry, you start to see a lot of familiar faces. The new faces, however, sometimes get discredited. After all, the “new kid” has no experience. Meeting the new people can benefit you because these are tomorrow’s influencers, and they will remember the first people who extended a hand to them.

While networking has some similar characteristics of introducing yourself to new customers, your business relationships have a far greater potential for company growth than any one customer. Take networking seriously, and don’t be afraid to let it take some of your precious time because this is an investment that can reap big dividends.