We often break consumers down into demographics by age, gender, nationality, and other variables. However, wouldn’t it make more sense to define consumers by their purchasing behavior? Consider the following types of customers and see where your target audience falls.

Self-Disciplined Consumers

This is the consumer who isn’t going to fall for an impulse-buy gimmick. They can watch infomercials and are not tempted to call the 800 number. They are usually very successful in business because they are self-motivated and take a well-thought-out approach to matters. If your target audience falls into this category, you need to forget a “sell the sizzle, not the steak” approach. The consumer will want facts, research, and 5-star reviews before making a purchase.

The Adventurous Type

These consumers are looking for new ideas and new experiences. Targeting these users means creating a sense of excitement about your product, and promoting the unique experience that comes along with it. These are consumers who want the latest and greatest and will never settle for last year’s model just to avoid change.

Social Consumers

These extroverts are in it for the experience as well. Campaigns need to revolve around social media. Creating a community for your brand gives them a feeling of camaraderie that will result in brand loyalty as their social needs are fulfilled. Look to this type for finding your brand advocates.

The Negative Type

These consumers are the toughest to deal with. They will take a bad customer experience personally and harbor resentment toward your brand for a long time. Product quality and consistency are critical because one bad experience can negate a lifetime of good ones.

Hippie Consumers

Can’t we all just get along? That’s what these consumers want to do. If you expect these peacemakers to buy your product, you need to stay out of the controversial limelight. You will lose them to a more palatable competitor if any scandal comes to light. If you want to promote love and peace as your brand’s principles, then you better be living up to the ideals in the way you conduct your business from the way you source materials to the way you test and package them.