Where do your ad dollars go? It seems all too easy to blow the whole budget without having enough funds for important aspects of digital marketing. The switch to a digital-first marketing approach is a way to ensure that you don’t miss out on big online opportunities due to a lack of prioritizing.

What Makes Digital-First Marketing Effective?

One of the reasons that digital-first marketing is so effective is the fact that you can see immediate, measurable results—and can make adjustments to campaigns on the fly in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Because of this, digital campaigns lead to smarter marketing. In fact, your marketing team actually learns from previous campaigns, making the whole department more knowledgeable for future efforts.

With this in mind, digital testing becomes a key factor in strong campaigns. In one study, only about 1 in 3 chief marketing officers (CMO) said they do digital testing in order to see how conventional ads do with their intended audience. This is shocking when it is clear how much more cost effective it is to digitally test something like a TV commercial before paying for a spot, or testing brochure content before paying a printer.

Gain a Competitive Advantage Through Modern Tools

Modern analytic tools are the best way to track your campaigns to adjust for maximum profitability. Becoming proficient with the use of these tools is a vital aspect of digital marketing. Once you master the tools of the trade, it is important to be flexible, and be willing to update a campaign that is not performing as it should.

When it comes to your audience, you need to know how to spin a tale that will provide the needed engagement. Being digital-oriented means telling stories the way that your audience will respond to best—which changes depending on where your consumer meets up with your brand online. For example, you need to speak differently on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in order to create the same engagement because users have a different expectation of the content that they will see while on each social network.

In the end, thinking of a digital-first marketing approach when planning your campaigns will help you to reach your target audience with the right content, and will allow you to make needed adjustments to both present and future efforts that result in the return on investment (ROI) your brand needs to thrive.