A close-up of a woman shopping on her laptop. Marketers who retarget correctly will get her to buy more from their site.

Using the correct methods to retarget ads can bring users back to your e-commerce site to buy more.

Only about 1 in 50 customers buy something the first time they visit an e-commerce site. That statistic really helps to drive home just how important it is to retarget. You need to do something to bring those other 49 customers back to make a purchase.

Retarget the Right Way

Unfortunately, most marketers retarget poorly. It’s not their fault. They’ve been given crummy advice. For example, most people will tell you to remarket as frequently and to as many people as possible. But that strategy doesn’t work for everyone. You need to find the right retargeting range for your customers—and that means testing.

Some customers are annoyed if they see the same ad more than once a day. Others won’t even see your ad until the 5th time it’s on the screen. You have to know what kind of Internet user your customers are.

Retargeting Needs to Be Customer-Centric

Also remember that you can’t retarget an item to an entire demographic of people based on one person who had an interest in it. Retargeting needs to be unique to the user. Make sure the product being retargeted is something they left in the cart, or at least spent some time looking at.

Finally, don’t throw the same ad at someone for weeks on end—at least not for your average product. Buying a lamp is not a long-term decision for most people. If the retargeting hasn’t worked in a week or two, it probably means they found a lamp somewhere else. The only exception would be on big-ticket items that a person may labor over for weeks (buying a new car, for example). Then continuing to retarget to them for 30 days or more may be a wise decision.

Every consumer-brand relationship is different. If you know how to retarget to your customers, and it’s working, don’t change the formula on someone else’s say so. But even if you are struggling with remarketing, it may be that your target consumer doesn’t respond the same way as one in another industry would. Sometimes retargeting right means a little bit of trial and error.