A image of several headline about climate change, a situation that is making marketing difficult.

In the era of climate change, marketing has a difficult task for advertising.

The weather has been crazy all across the U.S. and the rest of the globe. Western U.S. has seen a terrible drought resulting in wildfires. The Midwest has seen numerous deaths from way-above-average temperatures. The south has seen a lot of flooding. As climate change becomes more obvious, it alters how consumers think. What impact will global changes in the climate have on your future marketing endeavors?

Here are a few things you need to think about.

Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

We often market products seasonally. However, changing seasons are making that more difficult. For example, many locations that are popular winter vacation spots for enjoying winter sports are seeing less snow than ever before. This is shortening the ski season and making it necessary to alter the timeframe of campaigns.

Healthcare Marketing Is Also Affected

The weather is also having a tremendous effect on the areas where disease-carrying insects can live. Some diseases that were under control are now reaching an epidemic state again as the climate helps the disease to spread. As a result, marketing for certain medications, such as seasonal allergy medications and flu relief products, are seeing a shift in the timeframe when the products are most needed.

The Emergence of the Eco-Conscious Consumer

People care more about how products are sourced, the practices a company is involved in to protect the environment, and the role of recycling in a company’s efforts. Therefore, it is important to be more transparent in marketing about what a brand is doing for the environment, even in small ways such as using some recycled material in product packaging or using new packaging that creates less waste. Eco-related scandals are now more likely than ever before to hurt a brand’s reputation.

In fact, brand perception is the number one factor when it comes to adjusting marketing to climate change. If you want your brand to stand out as a champion of the planet, you need to take action and let consumers know what you are doing to preserve the Earth for future generations. You’re not just marketing to tree huggers anymore. Today, the average consumer cares about the environment.