A couple of marketers at a conference table working of several content marketing strategies.

When it comes to executives, you have to develop different content marketing strategies.

If your target audience is full of people with 3-letter titles that start with C, there’s no margin for error. However, the rewards for landing executive clients can be huge for almost every industry. With a C-level executive in your corner, you are assured to have a client with a much higher lifetime value. These are the type of influencers you can’t gain the backing of with a witty social media post. You have to design content marketing strategies specifically for executives, and that strategy has to be as elite as the people you are marketing to.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are trying to extend your business contacts all the way up to the top of the corporate ladder.

Hooking a Big Fish

If we take that analogy through to its completion, hooking a big fish means using the right bait, in the right location, and at the right time. Getting the attention of an executive requires the same factors. You need relevant content that is as current as possible. This means both knowing an industry well and being up-to-date on today’s news—and not just this month’s trends.

Creating the Right Degree of Value

We always talk about the need to create value for a consumer. For an executive, the level of substance has to be extremely tangible. You have to provide real business solutions, and be able to back up your ideas in order to gain credibility.

Break the Mold With New Content Marketing Strategies

You can’t market to an executive using the same material as for everyone else. You need to deliver something that really has an element of surprise,t and you have to deliver quickly with no time-wasting fillers. This is the content marketing version of an elevator pitch.

Being able to market to executives is a skill. It takes time to hone, and you can’t expect the same thing to work for every individual. However, the benefits of perseverance are tremendous. When you connect directly with C-level execs, it gives you a relationship with a company that you can’t have when working with project leaders, managers, or even directors.