A graphic image of someone holding a tablet that is playing a video. Video drives mobile markets.

As video helps drive mobile markets, you should know why.

Mobile growth is exponential with no change in sight. In fact, mobile use grew 58% in 2015. But we don’t have to convince you how big of a deal mobile use is. The key factor is honing in on what is driving the explosive growth of mobile markets — and that’s video.

How Much Video Content Are Mobile Users Watching?

In 2015 the amount of video consumption on the small screen increased by 35%. Projections put mobile devices as the screen of choice for 58% of online videos by next year. In the meantime, TV is struggling for the first time in, well, ever. So far, 2016 figures make it appear that this will be the first year since the invention of TV that the number of viewers declines.

Why People Are Switching to Digital Mobile Markets

You can do everything on your phone. Social media? Check. Shopping? Check. Make a phone call? Not many of us do that anymore, but that one gets a checkmark, too. Why not stick around to watch the gobs of mobile videos that are available—from screaming goats to the latest movie trailers.

And while people are watching all of those videos, they also see mobile ads. That’s because mobile ad spending exceeds more than $10 million per year. YouTube has even simplified the process. Tired of having people skip your 30-second video just 5 seconds in? No problem. Simply create 6-second videos that are “unskippable.”

Creating a Journey for the Consumer

Mobile videos grab and hold the viewer’s attention. In 2015, one study revealed that more than a third of people with smartphones watch a 5-minute (or longer) video every single day. So you don’t really have to cut videos to just seconds…but you do have to tell a story that will captivate the viewer.

This is a great opportunity to confirm loyalty toward your brand. Smartphones now get the second most video ad views, and the ever-present device shouldn’t stay number two for long. Yes, mobile markets rule the world right now, and a big part of the reason is video.