An image of a man talking in a video testimonial, which helps build credibility.

Great marketing campaigns build credibility.

In this day and age, your product credibility means everything. People want more in-depth information on what a product does, how it works, and most importantly, who has tested it. So, the question is: How do you go about building credibility? The answer lies in campaigns featuring testimonials and product demonstrations.

Building Credibility With Testimonials and Product Demonstrations

Every year a new phone seems to come out. However, it becomes harder and harder to tell the difference between this year’s and last year’s model. The rapid pace at which new technology come out has left many consumers cautious. It will take a little bit of extra effort to convince them that the new version of your product is worth buying. So create campaigns, videos or otherwise, using these marketing techniques.

Testimonials give your consumers someone to relate to. This is why they work so well. Remember that your existing customers have a reason for buying your product. Use their unique story to show how their lives have improved since buying from you. Their story will motivate other consumers to take action.

Product Demonstrations leave little room for doubt. They answer all the questions your prospective consumers have. This type of campaign will also separate this year’s model from last year’s. Does the new version of your device offer Bluetooth connectivity? Are you now offering a new mattress with twice the amount of comfort as last year’s model? Then test the product and show that it works. If you demonstrate all of the products features and how they work, people can make an informed decision.

Both of these campaigns have proven to grab people’s attention. Samsung’s introduction of the Galaxy Note 7 received 94 million views online, and Nike’s “Unlimited” commercial, which showcased the stories of world class athletes, made up 86 percent of the company’s views. Start using these proven marketing techniques as a means of building credibility with your audience.