A man's finger is moving a virtual arrow, which is going up due to his brand's good reputation.

What can you do to protect your brand’s good reputation?

Last week, I talked about the risks to your brand if your reputation suffers. You lose time and money, and more importantly, you fail to attract new customers and talent. We know that you cannot have your business in the state. So, now it’s time to find out how to protect your brand and maintain a good reputation.

Time to Start Being Social

Let’s be honest. If you are not advertising on a social media channel, then you are behind the curve. Part of maintaining a good reputation is to always be active on these channels. Your business is going to run into a few pitfalls, especially with customers online. How you and your employees interact with them determines your customers’ perceptions of your brand.

Get Your Customers to Spread the Word

Ratings are important. Most new customers know nothing about you except for what you tell them. Where do they go for an honest opinion about your service? They visit popular websites that rate your service.

Excellent reviews lead to a good reputation. However, they require some motivation on your part. You need to encourage your customers to leave reviews on these websites, especially when your known that they have enjoyed your service. A little push goes a long way.

Don’t Ruin Your Good Reputation Out of Spite

Trolls, pranksters, and downright unreasonable people seem to be a standard when it comes to the online world. The biggest mistake that any business owner or marketer can make is letting them get to you. Responding in any negative fashion will result in your customers thinking less of your brand.

They are not worth your efforts. You have a legion of loyal customers who like and buy your products or services. Remember be courteous and mature for the sake of your brand. You customers will respect your professionalism.