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Some small additions to your blog can make a difference.

Last week, we discussed how keywords give your blog a boost online. However, there is a whole other half to making one successful. These are little touches that will make it strong and a lot more interesting in the eyes of the internet. Adding these techniques, along with keywords, will boost your blog and grow your business.

Linking to and From Your Blog

Linking is an often overlooked but extremely important process for ranking your blog. For every reputable website linking to your blog, the more points you receive on Google.

How do you do this? Through guest blogging and outbound links. You’ll find bloggers that write about topics similar to yours. Some are very popular. When you link the content in your articles to their websites, it provides the reader with more context and a different opinion. Some bloggers are even happy to link back to you.

With guest blogging, some websites allow you to write for them. Just reach out to them and show them you’ve read their stuff. Let them know that you like what they write and would like to write for them. When you write content for other blogs, be sure to link back to your own.

Adding Images

Your blog should always have an image. Relevant images break apart text, making your articles easier to read. And even though you will only have around 300 to 400 words per article, it will work just fine. Just remember to have your alt text, with a keyword, in every image in order to score points with Google.

Linking to Your Business Website

Most blogs are made in WordPress. And if you are using the system, this is a wise decision. It has an easy interface and counts as another website. Hire a really good developer, and you can even make your WordPress looks like it is part of the main site. When you link from your blog to your business website, you benefit. Your business website gains visibility on search engines, eventually leading to more traffic and customers.