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A tablet on top of a coffee table, next to a cub of coffee. The tablet has the word blog on the screen.

Keeping Your Blog Strong in the Eyes of Internet

A tablet on top of a coffee table, next to a cub of coffee. The tablet has the word blog on the screen.

Some small additions to your blog can make a difference.

Last week, we discussed how keywords give your blog a boost online. However, there is a whole other half to making one successful. These are little touches that will make it strong and a lot more interesting in the eyes of the internet. Adding these techniques, along with keywords, will boost your blog and grow your business.

Linking to and From Your Blog

Linking is an often overlooked but extremely important process for ranking your blog. For every reputable website linking to your blog, the more points you receive on Google.

How do you do this? Through guest blogging and outbound links. You’ll find bloggers that write about topics similar to yours. Some are very popular. When you link the content in your articles to their websites, it provides the reader with more context and a different opinion. Some bloggers are even happy to link back to you.

With guest blogging, some websites allow you to write for them. Just reach out to them and show them you’ve read their stuff. Let them know that you like what they write and would like to write for them. When you write content for other blogs, be sure to link back to your own.

Adding Images

Your blog should always have an image. Relevant images break apart text, making your articles easier to read. And even though you will only have around 300 to 400 words per article, it will work just fine. Just remember to have your alt text, with a keyword, in every image in order to score points with Google.

Linking to Your Business Website

Most blogs are made in WordPress. And if you are using the system, this is a wise decision. It has an easy interface and counts as another website. Hire a really good developer, and you can even make your WordPress looks like it is part of the main site. When you link from your blog to your business website, you benefit. Your business website gains visibility on search engines, eventually leading to more traffic and customers.

A woman is typing at her keyboard, working on her blog and implementing keyword tactics.

Keyword Tactics for Business Blogs

A woman is typing at her keyboard, working on her blog and implementing keyword tactics.

Blogging 101: Implement keyword tactics.

If there is one thing that most SEO professional agree on, it’s that blogging works. A well-done blog is a truly effective way of cementing your place online. They rank well on search engines. Now, with that in mind, how can you as an advertiser capitalize on the strength of a blog? By using the right keyword tactics.

Keyword Tactics #1: Searching for Keywords

Keywords are often on the tip of every SEO experts tongue, and there is a reason why. They drive what ranks and doesn’t rank on google. They are the terms people are searching for. It’s your job to find out what your audience is looking for on search engines.

The best keywords are known as “long tail” keywords. These phrases are what people are searching for the most online. Many successful blogs have proven that using them helps boost your standing with search engines. Using one-word keywords are more competitive, but worth trying if your business exists in a niche industry.

If you ever need help, there are several tools available including Google Trends, Google Keyword planners, as well as the most popular search rankings on social media sites. However, remember to find what is popular in your field. Your business has a specific audience. Narrow down your search for the words they are typing in online.

Keyword Tactics #2: Implementing Your Keyword

Once you find your keyword, it is time to implement it into your post. Your keyword or phrase should show up in your blog article, but not too much. If you overstuff your article with this phrase, it will have the opposite effect.

You want to insert your keyword or phrase into specific spots on your blog, including throughout the content, title, URL, headings and subheadings, image alt text, and meta description. An important note to remember is to keep your content engaging. Try to seamlessly add your keyword without disrupting what your audience is reading.

The word BLOG written in vintage wooden letterpress type in a wooden type drawer. This represents business blogging.

Business Blogging: What Not to Do

The word BLOG written in vintage wooden letterpress type in a wooden type drawer. This represents business blogging.

Avoid making mistakes when it comes to business blogging. It will save you a world of trouble.

If you’re a business, there are plenty of reasons for you to pull out your laptop, get online, and start blogging. Not only does it establish your business as an industry leader, but it gives your website a boost when it comes to SEO. If you want to connect to your consumers, as well as develop a relationship with them, then you have to make sure you get business blogging right.

Typical Business Blogging Mistakes Companies Make

Forget to Read Their Work – Good writing is hard to spot; however, people are hawks when it comes to spotting bad grammar. You don’t want to look unprofessional by having any typos or terrible sentence structure in your post. While it might sound a little grade school, after you have finished typing the words into your keyboard be sure to read everything out loud. It can be hard to check your work, but this can get the job done.

Make Their Blog Uninspiring – Your blog is not a news site or a press release. It should not be flooded with boring articles about your company’s latest developments. The purpose of a blog is to connect with your readers and be a definitive voice that they come to for guidance. While you can have a few posts to keep your customers updated on the latest news from your company, you have to speak to them about your industry and the direction you feel it should go as well.

Do Not Leave a Call-to-Action – Through conversation, blogs connect to people. However, as a business blog, you have to take it one step further and motivate your readers. A lot of companies forget this and miss out on the opportunity to point customers in the right direction. Sometimes a call-to-action is all you need to get loyal readers to buy you stuff.

In next week’s post, find out more on how to keep your business blogging up-to-date.

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