Long Term Customer Engagement: It is the Results That Count

The customer life-cycle has an end goal and that is a sale. It all starts when a consumer is first made aware of your company. A lot goes into altering perceptions so that consumers come to not only know but trust your brand. Long term customer engagement can thus be the key to turning first time buyers into long term customers. So, let’s take a look at that first sales experience, and discuss what to do next.

Action is the easiest part of the customer lifecycle to track. Sales figures are easy to look over. For example, you can browse total revenue or the number of sales for a given day. But what happens once you make that first sale? First-time buyers will now have a new perception of the brand. This experience will either confirm the testimonials they heard from others or create a discrepancy in their mind between what they thought and what they have found out on their own.

This makes good customer service and support a vital component at this stage of the customer lifecycle. If a consumer has a problem with a product, a good return policy could make the difference between a bad or good experience. In fact, it could cause them to further trust the brand. Similarly, what if a consumer has trouble operating a product? Good support can create a situation that results in the consumer knowing that they can count on your company.

Make sure your company is accessible. Staff an in-store customer service desk with helpful, friendly people. Provide phone support and chat support, rather than just an email address that gets checked once per day. Respond promptly and try to settle all issues in an amicable way unless the consumer just isn’t open to agreement. Even social media can be used to provide a good after-purchase experience for buyers.

This good experience not only creates loyal customers, but potential proponents of your brand. It is true that happy consumers often share their experiences with others. Long term customer engagement, therefore, is the best way to build and maintain your business.