Commercial Drone Industry: Will The Skies Be Filled With Drones?

Drones are probably most associated in people’s minds with military craft. Recently, the United States military spent approximately $3 billion on drones, in a single year. One military drone can be put together by hand and launched in under a minute and a half. It’s a booming industry and not only because of the military. The commercial drone industry is making serious strides, as manufacturers continue to make drones lighter and easier to launch.

Manufacturers are envisioning and developing far more applications than the obvious military uses. Drones are expected to be used in agriculture, in order to get an aerial view of crops. They have also been recommended for search and rescue operations, such as trying to spot the exact location of a lost hiker or capsized boat.

Early predictions expect drones to be a huge boon to the US economy. Over the next ten years, the industry may create 100,000 new jobs, more than a third of which would be for blue collar workers. The main problem is that the FAA hasn’t yet legalized drone usage for commercial purposes. A hobbyist can fly a remote control plane in his backyard and the military can use one to scope out a domestic situation. However, the US is falling behind other nations in the commercial drone sector, and it could be costing the country as much as $10 billion per year.

That’s not stopping manufacturers from getting prepped. As soon as the FAA creates some regulations and says ‘Go!’ the race will be on. There is even work begin done on precision flying drones that can maneuver around the inside of a home.

The commercial drone industry is flying high. It won’t be long now before unmanned flying vehicles are just a part of everyday life.