Long Term Customers: Creating Brand Awareness

Any experience that a customer is going to have with your brand begins with their learning of its existence. It’s too early to be thinking in terms of dollar amounts when you first catch a consumer’s eyes and ears. This is the time to set-up your business and to be the one that a consumer remembers when they need the product or service you provide. You have to have the long term goal of turning potential customers into loyal, long term customers.

Back in the glory days of marketing, all you needed was a catchy radio ad with a jingle, or maybe a brief TV spot, and the whole world knew about your company. Now, people are experiencing the world in so many different ways that it can be tough to guess how, when, and where you will make your first contact with a consumer. Will it be a TV ad, or perhaps a social networking post that gets re-tweeted by one of their friends?

Awareness is no longer the only secret to making a sale. Consumers are faced with an endless line of products and services that are available to them, and with a wide range of prices and qualities. How will you stand out from the rest of the crowd? Have you found a certain niche to cater to within your industry?

Today, creating awareness is about seeming ubiquitous. You expect to see a Starbucks® everywhere you turn. You don’t even ask for a tissue, you say Kleenex®. These are the goals a company looks for when creating awareness. How can you do it?

Find a target audience. Make yourself the name brand for a certain age group, location, profession, or niche. Strong awareness, coupled with good feedback, will drive sales in your targeted group.

Be sure to track figures to ensure awareness is on the rise. The ability to create long term customers means knowing how many people search for your product, how often your company is mentioned in social media or the press, keeping track of unique and organic website visits, and knowing how you stand compared to the competition.